The help you need to build and share your family tree.

Were you on the front porch for your family's stories?

Most of us caught bits and pieces of our family's history. But we didn't always get the relationships straight or connect the stories to the right people. How many of us heard all about our grandmother's family, but barely know surnames from our grandfather's side? Who was it that crossed the Great Lakes in a steam ship? Which couple met when the train he was on got delayed in her town? Who fought in the war? Do we really share ancestors with Abe Lincoln? Where did they come from? If you've ever been curious about where you come from, there's never been a better time to find out.

Why it's worth it to have help.

Even if your family didn't have a front porch, we can now figure out much of the who, what and where. And, we can recreate the stories from living relatives, family documents and photos, obituaries, and other sources. We might even find stories that some ancestors wanted to hush up. With enough time, practice, and tenacity, many families could do these things themselves. But like most things worth doing, your family's history is worth doing well. And wouldn't it be great to have something to show for that major birthday or family reunion, or just to get the stories going when you sit down with the kids on your front porch?