Samples of my work

Genealogy book

Six generations of a Scots-Irish family in Western Pennsylvania were the subjects of this self-published 304-page book co-written with a descendant of the family. Click here.

Family History Book

The attached sample pages from a book about one family's history shows how a family tree and related stories can be presented in a way that preserves your heritage for sharing with the next generation. Click here.

5-Generation Pedigree Chart and Narrative

How much do you know about your parents' ancestors in America? And how much of that is documented? Browse through the attached genealogical report for an idea of what can be learned, and how it can be presented in a way that is an alternative to a book. Click here.

Going Around a Brick Wall

How do you get from Sonnot, Austria to Sanok, Poland? The first town was written on a WWII draft registration card, but no such place exists. Read the attached account of the journey to one immigrant's real hometown in the former kingdom of Galicia, and what was learned about his ethnic and religious background along the way. Click here.

Tracking an Emigrant to America

As curious as Americans often are about our roots abroad, we may be surprised to find families in Europe wondering what happened to the one great uncle who left for America. Look at the attached profile for an example of a snapshot of a British emigrant's life in the States. Click here.

Understanding Where an Ancestor Came From

Somehow it just feels right to know where we came from. Review the attached summary of one family's origin for an idea of what we can learn about where and when our ancestors began their journey. Click here.