What others think

Dana S., Michigan

Bill is really good at figuring out not just the who and when, but the where—the geographical part of someone’s past. Whether it’s finding addresses and street names in 19th century Chicago or tracking generations across Europe, he has a knack for finding clues from where people lived.

Maureen C., Minnesota

Do you ever sleep?! You bring me to tears every time you re-discover who my great-etc. grandmothers are, these women who left their birth names at the altar, moved to a new country, and had so-o-o many children. The document is unbelievable! I am sharing it with my siblings and nieces and cousins. What a gift you are to us. Again, thank you.

Barbara H., Oregon

Thank you SO much for all the great material you have sent. My goodness, you are a terrific researcher! This is really great stuff.

Anne-Marie F., England

We now have copies of records identifying both of my great-uncle’s two wives, together with marriage certificates and locations. Sadly, his son seems to have vanished after the 1930 census. However, what has been found has been extremely helpful in compiling this part of the family tree.

Marcia M., Oregon

I got chills reading this!!! It is so cool. It's really wonderful that you know how to track all of this. Thanks.

Kyle R., Oregon

My parents received the book and they were blown away. You did a great job and I wanted to give my sincerest thank you.

Janice S., Arizona

This has been such a treat to learn all this information about my Grandfather. Amazing information – Wow!! Words can’t express how thankful I am for all you have done to bring my ancestors’ history to me. This is something I have desired all my life. Thank you so much.

Jeannette T., Virginia

It's so satisfying to have tangible evidence of what you have discovered about my husband's family. I have the sense of completing a puzzle. This has been such a good experience for me.

Alison V., Oregon

Awesome news. It's very exciting and I have forwarded the information to my Dad. He’s thrilled. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Pete & Carrie L., Virginia

Thank you for all of your hard work to complete this by Christmas! This information is just fantastic!!!